11 October 2011

One of the more ridiculous yet adorable collabs yet....Hello Kitty for Forever 21

Which makes us even more excited!!  Hello Kitty will make its debut Friday, November 18 at Forever
21 stores.  Girls in braces will be lining up for blocks hoping to snag one of these limited edition pieces- But in all seriousness...I, like millions of others grew up and have a love for the Sanrio brand and I definitely do not have braces.  This collection will reach out to a large demographic of women. 
The collection will include everything from women’s apparel and intimates to umbrellas, socks, jewelry and handbags.  I have high hopes for mayhem....
Fabulous Fringe
Perfect Boyfriend Sweater
The girls that normally sport pig-tails will be flocking
to this ensemble
Perfect Weapon to fight my enemies fellow shoppers with


  1. i knew yall girls were special when i saw yall in walmart(black friday)drunk but special just the same..lmao..wheres that footage?????

  2. Hey Poo thanks for noticing us! We were certainly not drunk but we do appreciate the compliment! Keep following and enjoy the Black Friday videos above.