18 October 2011

YSL Sale Starts Next Wednesday and we are ALL INVITED!

It took a little bit of research and some confrontation with a rude B**ch at the YSL store, but we can finally announce that Yves Saint Laurent will be holding their sample sale at the Metropolitan Pavilion (like so many years prior.) Why was this information so hush hush?

Two Sundays ago, us Havoc Wreakers decided to stroll into the 57th street YSL to gather information on the sale that usually occurs every October. Unfortunately we encountered some pretentious sales girl who, for whatever ridiculous reason, thought that she was too good to discuss discounts with us. She acted as if YSL never held a sale in its existence, and laughed in our faces when we even inquired about the date. Mind you, her lipstick was smeared everywhere on her face except for her duck lips. 

 Well Duck Lips, we didn't need your help after all!!

Since Duck Lips isn't inviting anyone to the sale, we are extending the invite! So we hope to see everyone next Wednesday at 5 PM sharp. We expect some major hair pulling over those coveted Tribute Platforms.

 Oh, and Duck Lips, revenge is such sweet sorrow ;)