02 December 2011

The Search for the Lost Rag & Bone Hatwrap

It was a typical Thursday morning, rushing around getting ready to leave for work. I went to throw on my coat and scarf when I noticed it was gone. My most prized scarf, the Rag & Bone Grayling Hatwrap, was nowhere to found! I keep all of my scarves in the same place, so when I saw that it was not in the right spot I knew it was gone forever. Some woman in Jersey scored BIG TIME. How careless of me to leave it behind in a diner right off the parkway? I was truly depressed.

The moment I got home I rushed to my computer in the hopes of finding some website that still had last years accessories. It was then that I remembered the Rag & Bone sale had begun! It was 7:32, and the sale was closing at 8. I had to get there. If there was a chance I was replacing my baby, this was my only shot. I grabbed my dad (who happened to be at my place for a visit)and we raced to a cab. The goal was to get from the Upper East Side to West Chelsea in under 15 minutes.

The cab pulled up to the sale at 7:56, and we ran only to find the doors to the sale closed! The sale was over for the day! "Come back tomorrow," said the guard.

Come back tomorrow!?? Come back tomorrow!!!!!!??????? After all that there was no way I was leaving without my scarf. We begged and begged and banged on the glass doors to get somebody's attention. I think it was my dad flashing his iPhone clock that grabbed the eye of a young salesgirl. She came to the door and asked what the commotion was about. I explained my story as my father continued to plead. After a moment of contemplation she opened the door and told me to hurry up.

I was in! The feeling that came over me was more than I can describe.

And there it was, calling my name. My scarf, my Rag & Bone Grayling Fairlisle Hatwrap, was tucked away waiting for me.

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