13 December 2011

Supermarket Sweep? Nope, it's just the DVF Sample Sale.

Excitement rushed through us as we saw tons of well-dressed ladies in their work attire pushing and shoving eachother for DVF!  These were the same women we saw on the line outside, all completely calm and composed. But inside the sale, the animals were unleashed.

There were only a few styles that were sought after with a vengance, the most coveted of them all being the infamous mongolian fur vest. "What was so special about this piece?" We asked our fellow shoppers. They simply responded with a coy grin. Uh oh, we were in for some kind of battle.

And as for the recap of the sale, the overall feel was like an episode of Supermarket Sweep. The sheer determination these shoppers had was comprable to a young couple looking to get as many groceries into their carts in under a minute as they could. Pairs of hands and elbows were filled with wrap dresses, handbags, and knits.

We must say DVF, you really did a nice job with pricing!  The most expensive item in all sales should be no higher than the low price of $350, just like at your sale!

And ladies, we apologize in advance if your boss sees these pics of you- I'm sure all of you had "doctors appointments" this morning.

Racks Roll in Around 7 AM
Customers Roll in at 9 AM

Someone's Excited...

Is that a Grey Mongolian Vest she's holding??

He's going to look fabulous in this

Hey! Didn't we see someone else holding that pile?

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