17 February 2012

The Hoarder Spotting Game at the Barneys Warehouse Sale

Lets play a little game we like to call Hoarder Spotting.
Before we begin, let's fill you in on the object of the game:

The more hoarders you can spot, the more points you get.  Depending on what exactly makes this person an obvious hoarder, you are awarded points accordingly.

For example:
  • Sneakers are an obvious yet good detection. 1 point for every pair you spot.   
Not 1, not 2, but 3 sneakers!  3 points for us

A sneaker in disguise...Just because its a designer sneaker,
doesn't mean it's not a sneaker......

  • Large shopping bags (i.e. Ikea bags) are another way to pinpoint that hoarder.  3 points for every bag you see
  • Finally, sweatpants might be the hardest way to detect a hoarder, yet we feel anyone dressing so comfortably to such a "high fashion event" either has no sense of style or would prefer to hoard all those shoes and bags with no leather or zippers to distract them.  5 points for these babies.

So did you spot any hoarders at the Barneys warehouse sale?  If so, tweet us @wreakhavocny.  We want to hear all about it ;)

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