27 February 2012

What to Expect from Upcoming Collaborations- Especially from Marni for H&M

With only two days away, we anxiously wait for this phenomenal collaboration to hit stores.  We rate this collection very high on our havoc scale.  The UK debut speaks for itself- these floral printed item were gone in minutes! So we can't wait to see what the Topshop Soho store is going to look like on Wednesday morning! We expect an overload of chaos not only at stores but online as well.

Marni for H&M
When? Duh! March 8th
What to Expect: People in sleeping bags and lounge chairs, the obvious pushing, shoving, and grabbing.

The expected hogging, hoarding, and lurking which obviously means that eBay (and us) will have a fantastic day!
We can't wait to be part of this!

Diane Von Furstenburg for Gap Kids
When? March 15

What to Expect: Our last encounter with die hard DVF fans still resonates in our minds. Although we do not think ladies will be leaping for DVF wrap dresses, we do think this collab will be a popular one. I mean, who doesn't want mother-daughter matching wrap dresses? We know those leapers are hoping Diane designs a mini Mongolian fur vest to go with the one they grabbed from us but unfortunately this collection is Spring/Summer-not Fall/Winter.

Trina Turk for Banana Republic
When? June 2012

What to Expect: A normal day at Banana Republic.  We think this has the lowest havoc rating of all. Even though Trina Turk's clothing is super cute, we don't think hair pulling will be called for nor excusable during this collaboration...But lets see!

 Yayoi Kusuma for Louis Vuitton

When? You are going to have to wait for this dot-happy collection---bags are not coming out till Fall-Winter 2012

Kusuma is a famous artist in Japan who's best known for covering every surface she touches with spots.  We can't wait to see what she has in mind!  She is definitely a lady that wreaks havoc on fashion....

What to expect: A load of polka dot printed limited edition-knock offs will be flooding eBay stores. We obviously will be policing this and will report our findings.

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