06 March 2012

2 days until Marni for H&M and I already Can't Sleep...Here is Where we Will be Wreaking Havoc on the 8th...

We Anticipate the Line to Look Like This...

Last night I dreamt about Marni for H&M all night long. Before you begin to imagine how sweet and colorful those dreams were--with bibb necklaces, collars, and prints making guest appearances--think again.

My dreams quickly became the worst nightmare of all... And why, you might ask?

Marni was gone before I got to H&M :((((

In reality, this is something that will NEVER HAPPEN. Hell would freeze over before I lost my chances of a Marni fix.

So listen up. If you want to be part of the Marni Wolfpack, be sure to get to the H&M at Herald Square by no later than 6 am. We will probably be there way before that, so if you too can't sleep the night before the most amazing collection hits H&M, its safe to get there by 5.

Can't wait to see you Marni Whores there!

And FYI: People tend to Wreak major Havoc about line-cutting.... so if you want to be on our team you know what to do ;)

Location: 1328 Broadway...Right after Victoria's secret on the corner of 34th and 6th avenue...so basically its the 34th Street store between 5th and 6th avenues ;)

Havoc Rating: Highest it ever was!!!!!


  1. I can't wait for your report on Thursday! Will let you ladies know how things go in San Francisco.

    1. Awesome!! Wreak some Havoc for us over there :)

      Points for pics of the action!!