22 March 2012

Capitol Couture: Some Ensembles to Look out for at Tonight's Midnight Showing of the Hunger Games

If you are a true Hungry Hunger Game Tribute, then you will probably be donning some form of Hunger Games-wear to tonight's midnight show. Will you choose a Katniss braid or a pair of gold Mcqueen's? Or perhaps you might show up in a Mugler, or Rodarte. Whatever you choose, here are the looks we will be keeping an eye out for. If we really love what we see, one of you might just be the lucky winner of a true Hunger Games token....

Classic Effie Trinket?

Or Leather Donning Katniss...

McQueen Madame?

Or the 'dress lit on fire'...(Triple points for this one)

See you tonight :)

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