12 March 2012

Customizing Gifts From Us to Us at Delicate Raymond

After working so hard at the Marni for H&M sale, we felt we definitely deserve some presents or even a massage.  So when Michelle called us the other day, it couldn't have been better timing.  No, Michelle is not a professional masseuse, she is the owner of Delicate Raymond and she called to tell us that our personalized jewelry was finally ready!!

Last time we had gone to the Delicate Raymond showroom, we were greeted by Michelle, who excitingly showed us all her creations that she was so proud of--from monogrammed necklaces to awesome bangles to color block earrings.  We wanted it all!!

Michelle was kind enough to let us design our own dream pieces at what she calls, her Jewelry Bar.  Claudia and I loved that idea!  I know a lot of you are thinking, where's the alcohol? But Michelle's bar is not that kind of bar--it's strictly for customizing your own jewelry.
So we headed down to the showroom, picked up our designs and fell in love...

Here's what Michelle made for us:

To Avoid Separation Anxiety, I Wear my Husband's Name on my Wrist
Cloud and Ise sitting in a tree

  For more delicate-cies, check out DelicateRaymond.com

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