15 March 2012

We All Want to be a DVF for Gap Kid!

Boy does that Diane make people do funny things.  Weird things happen when DVF's price point trickles down a few notches--scary things--People morph--morph into acrobats, vultures, lurkers, and you said it, hoarders. 

Her affect is a little different on us though, we morph into children.

Only Bad Kids Write on Walls

To wear a $28 DVF for Gap Kids ensemble, you must either be a child, a short woman with a raging eating disorder, or a geriatric to fit into these affordable pieces. I don't think we have to explain why we picked posing as children rather than the two other choices.

Yes, we are DVF Kids Posers....



someone who pretends to belong to a group only by affecting the attributes of the group. (See also mod poser.) : What's he doing here? He's just a poser, looking for dates.

Normally the word "poser," is used in a derogatory way.  When it comes to Diane, we embrace being posers all day long.

Which DVF for Gap Kids outfit will you pose in?

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