12 June 2012

And the Hoarders Return Home to the YSL Sample Sale

It was no surprise that we would be up against the usual hoarding crowd this morning at the YSL sample sale. We expected to run into eBay sellers and YSL fanatics. However our usual job policing the line-cutters and hoarders inside was padded by the 'Soiffer Haskin Hoarder Patrol'.  Four men stood outside policing the line and making sure nobody cut or disrespected their fellow YSL whores.

The line was so long that one guy even tried to sell his spot...

Lets talk shoes first, aka Hoarder Heaven. There was no limit to how many $350 Tributes one could buy. This caused a hoarder frenzy. It was like a flock of seagulls flying over your half-eaten tuna sandwich at the beach.

Hoarder Piles

As for the bags, it was strict business. No more than five per hoarder. Did this stop them? Nope, maybe it just slowed them down a bit. Gathering in quiet corners and behind racks of shoes, the hoarders strategized and debated about which bags would be eBay-worthy. 

And another trick these sneaky little hoarders pulled? Bringing in bodies to carry out more merchandise. They delegated to their HIT's (hoarders- in- training), explaining that they best keep low profiles and not get caught with more than five bags. How smart you little hoarders are...


  1. The Jil Sander sale could have used someone policing the line-cutters--- THAT sale was like an open ticket to Hello Kitty wearing/eBay selling mobs multiplying in front of you and the staff could care less. Nothing wrong with sleaze bag control.

  2. Omg you are so right ! Jill Sander sale was a disaster !! Not to mention all the Chinese people on line who were clearly not actual Jil Sander fans but rather people paid to go to sample sales to hoard designer digs & send them back to China to sell at quite a profit. This is becoming a huge problem with designer labels. These hoarders are ruining the sample sale experience for us fashionistas !!! Putting a 5 bag limit (like YSL) will not help, because these professional shoppers come in groups and they swarm down on the merch and grab it ALL before anyone gets a chance at it.
    It sucks !!!!

  3. 5 women in front of me were hired by a manicure salon boss. These were not ysl lovers..these were worker bees. One of them looks like the woman with 10 bags. This is what happened at apple with iPad and iPhone release. Hired by man black market stuff , groups of 20 women who work in salons for these bosses and the stuff goes right to china to be sold. Let's face it the markup on ysl bags is not that great on ebay. This stuff is not going on eBay it's going right to rich Chinese overseas who woukd pay 1000 for an easy as it's still cheaper than it woukd be in china.
    Sad thing is these women were probably given 10.00 an hour
    It's human slavery ...But the sad thing is they ruined Hermes, and every other luxury designer sale. Soon they will all be closed like channel and Marc Jacobs because if these rabid black marketeers.

  4. You Line: "It was like a flock of seagulls flying over your half-eaten tuna sandwich at the beach." just made me LOL in the office... ^.^

  5. I wonder how anonymous #2 & #3 figure out they are Chinese, and the things are sold in China. Do you speak/read Chinese? Are you sure that they were not Japanese, Korean, or Taiwanese? I am just curious. I hate the resellers, too btw.

  6. Dear last commentator
    Because they were in front of me speaking Chinese ......I went to Columbia foreign service school and lived in japan know the difference between Japanese and Chinese person
    you reverse racist
    I presume you are an oriental ! Just kidding you Asian you

    I love when you point out a nationality you are inferred to be a racist
    You can say the Italian girl to ne all the time and I won't say you are a racist
    That's because I'm proud to be Italian

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  8. This girls are like the James Bond of high end sample sales! Lol
    Met them at the CL one and they are a trip for sure! Must be trust fund babies to be able to shop (even though at very discounted prices) so much! Do you guys get paid for this? Just curious...

  9. Ahhhh!! I know a girl who buys 20 pairs of shoes each time, not all in her size. What the hell does she do with these shoes? She's not chinese by the way ;)