02 July 2012

Jean Paul Gaultier x Coca-Cola

You may have heard that Jean Paul Gaultier has been appointed the new creative director of Coca-Cola a few months back.  One of the first things he did was design a series of Coca-Cola bottles covered in  signature Gaultier.

And now the third one is out and it's fabulous...
The tattoo-like corset on the bottle resembles Madonna's infamous corset back in 1990.  Now who wouldn't want to drink that?

Not only does Jean Paul Gaultier wreak havoc in fashion world, he just created a way for us to take some havoc home this summer.   This Gaultier "collection" is available only in Europe which leaves us desperate over here in America.  Hoarders haven't put any limited edition Gaultier Coke Lights up on eBay yet but we are definitely watching out for them.

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